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Water Softening

Our platinum plus water softener removes hardness (calcium, magnesium) and iron leaving you with soft, clean, iron free water and all of it’s benefits!

Twin Water Softening

Our Platinum Plus Twin Tank Water Softener alternating system, gives you 24/7 soft, clean water. Our highest quality most efficient water softener.

Enhanced Taste and Clarity

Appliance Longevity

Improved Efficiency

Reduced Maintenance

Clean & Brighter Laundry

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

Our quik change reverse osmosis system is a patented purified drinking water system with an exclusive multi-step filtration process

Pristine Water Quality

Improved Health and Safety

Enhanced Taste and Flavor


Whole House Filtration

Carbon Filter

Our carbon filter removes harmful chemicals and chlorine.

Iron Clear

Our iron clear removes & filters iron (rust), bacterial iron. Also kills other forms of bacteria such as ecoli.

Sulfur Clear

Our sulfur clear filters out sulfur. Also know as the rotten egg smell.

Comprehensive Water Treatment

Protects Appliances and Fixtures

Enhances Overall Household Quality of Life

Improves Skin and Hair Health

Salt-Free Treatment

Non-electric, no salt, no chemicals, no regeneration & no water usage.*

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Low Maintenance

Preservation of Water Purity

Suitable for Specific Water Condition

*Certain water analysis restrictions apply.



Our Whole House Purelight System is an ultraviolet light that kills and eliminates water borne organisms and bacteria.

Effective Disinfection

Chemical-Free Solution

Minimal Maintenance

Safe and

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